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Lisa Goodman

Lisa Goodman

Free Analysis

Have you thought of moving your investment out of real estate and into a Security?

I have an expert on my team that can provide a free analysis of your property and tell you how to offset your taxes to get the most return.  Learn about:

· Annuities

· Pensions

· TICs (Tenant in Common)

· Estate Planning


Most people who invest in real estate make their purchase and never do a risk/reward analysis again, however, if they examine the market and do an analysis of the various other opportunities, they may discover that they can get more money with a lot less work and risk.

Many investment properties in California tend to be the most profitable and the least risky the first few years people own them.  After some time, our analysis can show how that investment property is less efficient and profitable than when it was originally bought—even if the mortgage has been paid down and rents are up.

Here at Silver Creek Valley Properties, we understand that many of our clients may have been born into their investment properties, and perhaps not knowing what to do, they simply continue to rent them, when, in reality, they would rather sell the home, and invest their money elsewhere.

That's why we offer a free risk/reward property analysis.  After a risk/reward analysis, you will know the answers to these questions:

·        Compared to the rent, is my property over or under valued?

·        Is my property going to go up or down in value over the next few years?

·        If I was to sell my property and pay the taxes, could you make more income than right now?

·        Should I keep the property?  If so, for how long?

·        Which makes more income, doing a 1031 exchange or selling the property outright and pay the taxes?

·        Which has more risk right now, the stock market, or the rental market?

·        Could I get a guaranteed income that is equal to or higher than my rents?

·        Is there a better way of doing things that I'm doing them right now?


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